The Vitalo Group, a leading expert in thermoformed plastic solutions, has partnered with various innovative projects in the boating market. Our brand Starplast provides cutting-edge transparent glazing solutions for boat race installations, with our extensive expertise and know-how delivering unparalleled clarity and a crystal-clear view, meeting the unique challenges of the demanding boat race market. Our Starplast solution provides the best glazing, designed to be lightweight and thin to enhance aerodynamics and improve overall performance.
We understand the importance of reliability and safety in boat racing and are committed to providing innovative and cost-effective solutions that meet the needs of our customers. With this advanced technology and experience, The Vitalo Group and Starplast are the perfect partners for boating projects seeking to enhance the performance, safety, and aesthetics of their installations. Trust us to deliver the best glazing solutions for your next boat race project.

OEM Key requirements

• Resistance to extreme weather conditions
• Lowest weight for energy efficiency
• Durability and impact resistance
• Short delivery times
• Competitive pricing

The Vitalo response

• Co-design for minimal thickness and low weight
• New lightweight polycarbonate materials with high resistance to weather and impacts
• Assembled parts with insulation and fixing, ensuring easy installation
• Flexible industrialization to adapt to customer needs and demand
• Short lead times to meet tight project schedules