Urban furniture

Urban furniture

At Vitalo Group, we understand the importance of sustainability and efficiency in urban transportation. That's why our brand Starplast has partnered with Kleuster, a top-quality supplier of innovative and environmentally friendly vehicles. Kleuster is a business cluster that promotes "Made in France" and designs, develops, and produces high-tech, stylish vehicles that are easy to operate.
Together, Starplast and Kleuster offer a unique solution for businesses looking for sustainable transportation options. With Vitalo Group's expertise in urban furniture and Starplast's commitment to innovation, our partnership provides eco-friendly and efficient delivery systems for urban areas.
We share a vision of sustainability, efficiency, and innovation in urban transportation, making Vitalo Group and Kleuster the perfect match. Discover more about our eco-friendly transportation solutions by browsing our products by clicking here.

OEM Key requirements

• Design and quality for black roof
• Starplast know-how for transparent windshield
• Cost effective
• On time delivery

The Vitalo response

• Co-design in order to have a light and strong roof
• Avoid paint on roof
• High gloss finish
• Transparent windshield with black paint on below areas
• Made in France solution