Glazing for Solar car


The Vitalo Group and its brand Starplast are excited to announce our partnership with the Innoptus Solar Team in the creation of their 2023 solar car. Together, we share a mission to conquer the world and a commitment to innovative technology. We are proud to provide the best glazing solutions for this exciting new project, showcasing the potential of commercial solar electric vehicles through ground-breaking achievements.
The Innoptus Solar Team, consisting of brilliant engineers still studying and partners from Belgium and beyond, is determined to push the limits of what's possible with solar-powered vehicles. We are honoured to contribute to their vision and look forward to supporting the team as they prepare for the World Championships in Australia in September 2023.
At The Vitalo Group and Starplast, we are dedicated to delivering innovative solutions that help our partners achieve their goals. We are excited to work with the Innoptus Solar Team to help make their vision a reality, and we are confident that our glazing solutions will help them to achieve their performance targets.

OEM Key requirements

  • Aerodynamic shape for improved speed and energy efficiency

  • Light and strong canopy

  • High transparency to provide a clear view for the driver

  • Resistant to harsh weather conditions

  • Easy to manufacture and install for faster production times and lower costs.

The Vitalo Group response : a Starplast solution

  • Lightweight yet strong glazing material to reduce overall vehicle weight and increase efficiency

  • High transparency to maximize solar power generation and provide a clear view for the drive

  • Durable and resistant to harsh weather conditions to ensure safe and reliable performance

  • Customizable solutions: can be tailored to the specific needs and requirements of the Innoptus Solar Team, including materials, colours, and finishes.

  • Fast time to market: delivers the canopy on time and to the highest quality standards.

Glazing for Ligier Automotive

For high-speed car racing, lightweight materials are essential for achieving maximum speed. At the Vitalo Group, we understand the importance of using top-quality materials to equip vehicles and secure victories. That's why our leading brand, Starplast, has been trusted by the most prominent French and European car racing teams for decades.
We take pride in our innovative manufacturing process, which utilizes high-quality polycarbonates to produce rapid headlight glass, ensuring superior optical clarity. In addition, we employ a process inspired by aeronautical glazing for manufacturing lateral windows, resulting in top-quality performance.
Our expertise is showcased by the Ligier JS P3, where both types of glazing can be found. This is a testament to our commitment to delivering the best solutions for car racing. When you choose The Vitalo Group and Starplast, you can trust that you're getting the highest quality materials and innovative solutions to help you achieve your racing goals.

OEM Key requirements

  • Mastery of manufacturing processes according to regulations

  • ISO certification and customer qualification audit

  • Ability to make parts with good optics, and a low price

  • Shaping of the polycarbonate without damaging the optics

The Vitalo Group response : a Starplast solution

  • Luminous efficiency

  • Simple and rigorous design of the electronic element

  • Give you vehicle a timeless, reassuring and avant-garde touch

  • Aerodynamic design with a CX

  • Made in France

OEM Key requirements

The Vitalo Group response : a Starplast solution

OEM Key requirements

The Vitalo Group response : a Starplast solution