Refnet Joint Insulation


Modern air-conditioning systems feature refnet piping joints to circulate the refrigerant fluid.
The refnet joint must be insulated to eliminate condensation due to variations in refrigerant temperature and ambient temperature.

OEM Key requirements

  • Simple and time saving installation

  • Tight fit

  • Excellent thermal insulating properties

  • Visually appealing

  • Easy replacement

The Vitalo Group response : a Insulo solution

  • Co-design & Co-engineering

  • An insulation kit consisting of a refnet shaped milled piece of NBR foam, and a cover fitted with adhesive layer

  • Fast and foolproof installation

  • Various size and shapes to accommodate different refnet models

Scroll Sound Shells for Emerson

Refrigeration and HVAC equipment noise has become as important as its carbon footprint, level of reliability or of energy efficiency. This is particularly true for compressor packs on HVAC units that are often a source of disturbing noise in urban areas by their nature.
Emerson wanted to go one step further by asking Insulo to design sound shells that provide outstanding sound reduction benefits.

OEM Key requirements

  • Need to avoid the cost of acoustically insulating the full cooling unit

  • No impact or compressor operation or performance

  • Dual design : on-line mounting (new equipment) or on-site installation (retrofit)

  • Sound attenuation

  • Clean fit and nice finish

The Vitalo Group response : a Insulo solution

  • - 12 dB (A) sound attenuation vs. 3 to 6 or competitive solutions

  • High density PU foam solution (low cost tooling / fast prototyping and testing)

  • Combining acoustic and thermal insulation

  • Increased surface resistivity

  • Complete set of different technologies supplied

  • Safety stock for fast deliveries

Sound / Heat Insulation

Numerous technical products demand insulation against heat, noise, or vibration to enhance their overall performance. Fortunately, Insulo has the solution to meet these needs. Our insulation solutions are specifically designed to provide exceptional protection against a wide range of environmental factors that can compromise your product's performance. With our innovative insulation technology, you can achieve improved functionality and reliability for your products..

OEM Key requirements

  • Simple and time saving installation

  • Dimensional precision and stability

  • Excellent insulating properties

  • Cost effective

The Vitalo Group response : a Insulo solution

  • Co-design & Co-engineering

  • Choice of appropriate materials

  • Lamination of different materials

  • Precision cutting : die-cutting, laser cutting, water-jet cutting

  • Milling and routing

  • Acoustic testing : Kundt's tube

  • Short time-to-market

Thermal Insulation Tubing

DAIKIN Europe and Insulo have been working together for close to 30 years. Over the years we developed an intimate engineering relationship during which INSULO has developed insulation parts for their European range of air conditioning units. Some of the most challenging parts are the tubing insulation elements where high precision and repeatability are the key words.

OEM Key requirements

  • Processing of EPDM and NBR tubes

  • Pre-cut for quick assembly

  • "No-thrills" dimensional precision and repeatability

  • Typically, very short time to market

The Vitalo Group response : a Insulo solution

  • Co-engineering

  • Design to prototype : one week - SOP : two weeks

  • Variety of raw materials processed in-house