Mass Transportation

NedTrain, the Dutch railway company, decided to launch a vast refurbishment programme of its 81 double decker regional train sets, after nearly 20 years of services. Together with Ultimate Europe, Vitalo was selected to supply the interior panels.

OEM Key requirements

  • Keep costs low

  • Reduce weight in order to save energy costs and ease assembly

  • Improve passenger's perception of quality and comfort

  • Provide vandal proof materials

  • Ensure flawless supply chain of the refurbishing lines in order to keep costs down and pace up

The Vitalo Group response : a Vitalo solution

  • Re-design by Vitalo and Ultimate in order to provide plug-and-play assembly compatible with pre-existing fixation system

  • Organise Just-in-Sequence delivery

  • 45% weight reduction over composites interiors

  • Anti-graffiti material

Battery compartment

To achieve ambitious carbon reduction targets, it is crucial to implement stringent vehicle efficiency and CO2 standards. Electrified vehicles are essential in reducing fleet emissions, and TE Connectivity is leading the charge with a goal of 30% all-electric vehicle sales by 2025 and 50% by 2030. These vehicles are highly efficient and result in lower energy consumption while driving. At the Vitalo Group, we are proud to be a part of this movement by providing battery compartments for electric batteries, supporting the adoption of electrified vehicles and contributing to a more sustainable future.

OEM Key requirements

  • Lightweight insulation material (low thickness & low density)

  • Touch protection 7,5kV - 100% control large surface

  • Inscription on product - formed

  • Full traceability – DMC Laser marking

  • Fixation features

  • Final 3D Cutting in high precision

  • Technical cleanliness

The Vitalo Group response : a Vitalo solution

  • Co-development

  • Special light weight material creating high voltage protection, fire retardancy (1200°C) and electrical insulation (High voltage)

  • 3D dimensional cutting matching the geometry and connection of the battery

  • Fast "Time to Market"

  • Undercuts creating snap feature for battery assembly

  • Full traceability and product laser marking (DMC code)

OEM Key requirements

The Vitalo Group response : a Vitalo solution

OEM Key requirements

The Vitalo Group response : a Vitalo solution