Mai 30, 2024

Heat Pump Noise Pollution ? Insulo Has the Solution !

We’ve recently seen an article highlighting the concerns about heat pump noise. At Insulo, part of the Vitalo Group, we are specialized in solutions for sound reduction, offering a range of solutions to minimize noise pollution, including the specific expertise in reducing heat pump noise.

Our team of engineers possesses the in-depth knowledge to select the most suitable soundproofing materials, creating effective acoustic barriers that block unwanted noise. We collaborate closely with our clients to design optimal compressor insulation and other sound barriers, combining foam, felt, and heavy mass materials to achieve the best balance between cost and performance.

Addressing Heat Pump Noise: Our Expertise

Insulo’s comprehensive approach to reduce noise from a heat pump contains:

  • Sound Barrier Installation: We install sound barriers around the heat pump unit, effectively dampening noise emissions.
  • Compressor Insulation: Our custom-made compressor insulation effectively wraps the compressor, reducing noise generated by the compressor, a primary source of heat pump noise.
  • Material Selection: As independent converter, we carefully select high-performance soundproofing materials, ensuring optimal noise absorption and sustainability.

Why Choose Insulo?

  • Expert Guidance: Our team of soundproofing specialists provides expert advice and tailored solutions to address your specific noise concerns.
  • Proven Solutions: We have a proven track record of successfully reducing heat pump noise.
  • Commitment to Quality: We employ only the highest quality soundproofing materials and installation techniques, ensuring long-lasting results.
  • Independent Material Selection: We choose the best soundproofing materials for your needs, not limited by brand.

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